Winterize Manufacturing - RV Blow Out Plug - New Design


Winterize RV Blow Out Plug
  • Clears the water lines of RVs, travel trailers, campers, boats, pressure washers, and sprinkler systems to protect from freezing temperatures
  • Made for single person operation - this new quick connect RV blow out plug design is easy and simple to use
  • Also designed for marine use - fresh or salt water
  • Quick connect air compressor fitting (most common style produced allowing max air flow) will attach to any ¼” universal coupling
  • Allows a direct quick connection between your air compressor and the water city inlet of your RV, travel trailer, camper and boat 
  • Blow out plug is made of strong, high quality aluminum - corrosion resistant and durable 
  • Blow out plug can be attached to anything that has a female garden hose thread
  • Winterizing your RV with our blow out plug will create a safer, more secure, hands-free connection between compressor and water line.
  • Large bored out design allows maximum air flow

On sale for $9.85!

Less Expensive

  • No need to transport RV, travel trailer, or boat to a repair facility and pay a hired professional to clear water lines
  • No need to purchase anti-freeze to fill water lines to compensate for the residual water that other brands may leave
  • No need to purchase a new plug every year - stands up to years of use unlike its counterparts


  • Use your own tools in your own home - no transporting/moving the RV, travel trailer, or boat
  • No need to walk in and out of vehicles while clearing water lines - just lock on air compressor and walk away
  • Simple to attach/detach from vehicle


  • Reduces man power – single person operation
  • Small and light weight - easy to handle/manipulate (anyone can use it)
  • Can use any standard 1/4” universal coupling to attach the blowout plug to the air compressor


  • Locks the air compressor coupling in place
  • Reduces the need to put anti-freeze in your drinking lines when used properly
  • Made of high tensile, aircraft quality, aluminum (not plastic) - stronger strength


  • Allows for a constant, uninterrupted flow of air
  • Provides tight/leak proof seal between city water port and air compressor
  • Not made of multiple pieces - no moving parts
  • Large bored design allows maximum flow of air

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